U-gotMe Downloads


Via this page you can download the current and previous versions of the software. It also contains the release notes.


Version 2.4 (Under construction)

  • Serial number in GPX track description (just a detail)
  • Solved bug in caching
  • Changed the XSD file location and XSD file mentioned in the GPX 1.1 export (previous location no longer exists)
  • Changed information in the about box
  • Changed the source code package names

Version 2.3 (Released 11-10-2015)

  • Support for the GT-120
  • Improved serial port reading (required for GT-120)
  • Support for comport libraries: RXTX, JSSC and Purejava (was RXTX)
  • Track record decoding rewritten (required for GT-120)
  • Speed graphs
  • Configurable font size for the custom waypoint labels. Larger font sizes added to make the waypoint names better readable on the bicycle
  • Tracklog cache bug (when track log memory wraps around) solved
  • Minor bugs solved

Version 2.2 (Released 22-11-2014)

  • Support for wrap-around of track log (thanks to Sander Ruitenbeek). This means if more records are
    downloaded than fit in the memory, the oldest are overwritten. This is now supported.
  • Caching (experimental) of device memory to speed op downloading of tracks
  • All device specific files are now written to the logPath
  • Bit of code clean-up and optimisation
  • New version for RXTX, except for Linux 64 bit (because of an error)

Version 2.1 (Released 10-05-2014)

  • Heart rate plot
  • Saving heartrate values (per second) to CSV (GT820Pro, GT900Pro)
  • Export to Garmin TCX (Training Center Database) format, including heart rates
  • Added heartrates to GPX 1.1. format (as extension)
  • Export to CSV format (for analysis in e.g. Excel)
  • Proper rounding off time stamps to second (even @trip doesn’t)
  • Adaptations to code structure
  • Resolved count bug: max number of trackpoints was truncated to 65535 (yes: 0xffff), due to
    wrong count command interpretation
  • Refactored the UgotmeView, since Netbeans no longer supports Swing Application Framework…
  • Erasing of uploadable routes from device
  • More buttons on page

Version 2.0 (RELEASED 08-04-2013)

  • Suppport for GT-820 Pro and GT-900 Pro *)
  • Support for multiple track segments
  • Non-working About-box fixed
  • Replaced all obsolete Vector instances by ArrayList instances
  • Extended debug facilities
  • Device simulation mode, simulating device (basically for development)

*) The non-Pro version have a different memory amount. Since I do not own these version I could not find out the memory map.

Version 1.2 (RELEASED 12-11-2012)

  • Show route, track and waypoints on static Google map
  • Rescan comport
  • Window no longer resizable
  • More debug levels (note: ‘debugging’ in u-gotme.properties has been replaced by ‘debugLevel’)
  • Program resilient for missing properties file

Version 1.1 (RELEASED 02-11-2012)

  • Full Linux support
  • Menu changed to a more logical layout

Version 1.01 (RELEASED 05-05-2012)

  • Minor change in the communication error checking, so it works under Linux. More or less…

Known issues:

  • Win7 64bits, Java 1.6.0_23: occasional Java crash when opening file dialog (apparently when path is set to dialog)
  • Writing settings doesn’t work under Win7 due to rights issue on properties file

Version 1.0 (RELEASED 10-12-2011)

  • Upload of routes
  • Download of routes
  • Waypoint symbols added to route waypoints
  • Small changes to the GPX format
  • Info about logging hours left, based on log interval setting

Version 0.7 (RELEASED 21-11-2011)

  • Added download of waypoint log (waypoints are stored in two locations)
  • Added functionality to establish the exact model type (GT-800 or GT-800 Pro)
  • Altitude error in GPX file (GT-800) solved. Based on the type altitude based on atmospheric pressure (GT-800 Pro) or based on GPS (GT-800) is writen to the GPX file (<ele> element).
  • Incorrect serial number bug solved

Version 0.6

  • Added Erasing tracks
  • Added storage of settings in a properties file
  • Track time on display set from UTC to local time (of PC)
  • Added estimation algorithm for year, so the software will work after 2016
  • Added download and write to text file of device log entries
  • Tested on GT-800 (firmware version 6.5) and GT-800 Pro (firmware version 7.11)
  • Added preferred comport to the properties file
  • Added fancy application icons

Version 0.5

  • Initial version
  • Downloading tracks works, writing to GPX

Note: first versions of ‘U-gotMe’ were released as ‘igotu2gpx2’