This is the SuperSet homepage. SuperSet is a game based on the SET game. SET is a very addictive game in which the user has to select sets of 3 cards out of a display of 12 cards. Read the manual for more information about the game.


About SuperSet

I developed SuperSet because I would like to have a Pocket PC version of SET on my HP iPAQ HX4700. Furthermore, due to my interest in client-server applications, I wondered if I could write a SET version for two players over the internet (due to lack of motivation I never finished this feature, ahum). Anno 2014 the Pocket PC version is no longer supported, but now also a version for Android  is available.


superset pocketsuperset



  • One player mode, score counting compatible with TatSet
  • Own single player highscores on local device
  • Highscores maintained on server also, to compare with others

Some of the shortcomings of TatSet have been improved in SuperSet:

  • More distinctive colors: In TatSet green and blue are easily mixed up
  • More distinctive card tagging and highlighting: in TatSet it is a thin line around the
    card, in SuperSet the entire card is highlighted


The software is under development. However, current available versions for PC and Pocket PC can be played in single player mode.


SET was developed by Marsha Jean Falco in 1974 to study genetics. It was made public in 1991. Now it is available as a family game (in the Netherlands it is sold as ‘Set!’). Various implementations exist for the computer. A popular implementation for PC is TatSet by Teun Wardenaar. Anno 2014 it does not appear to be supported anymore.


Score counting compatible with Tatset

Score counting in single player mode is compatible with TatSet, so scores of SuperSet and TatSet can be compared. Score counting is simple: after starting TatSet/SuperSet (or clicking a set), a score increment starts at 100 points. The score increment decreases exponentially from 100 to 1. When clicking a set, the score increment is added to the score. So clicking a set with the speed of light gives you 100 points. Clicking after a few minutes delivers you just one point. Clicking three cards which are not a set decreases your score with 25 points. Clicking the ‘no-set’ button when there is at least one set resets the score increment to 0: no more points to be
gained by clicking the hint. Clicking the ‘no-set’ button when there is no set adds three new cards and resets the increment to 100 again.

The graph below show measurements of the decreasing score increment in time for TatSet and SuperSet 1.1 on my HX4700 iPAQ and the PC. The purple line is a fit (score increment=99*exp(-0.046 t)+1, t in seconds). The PC versions of TatSet and SuperSet perfectly line up. The Pocket PC version is gives slightly higher scores because of the score increment decreases slightly less in time. This is probably due to other timer behaviour on the Pocket PC compared to the PC. This is to be compensated in future versions of SuperSet.



Following downloads are currently available (software is still under construction)

Version SuperSet Android SuperSet PC PocketPC Superset Windows SuperSetServer Linux SuperSetServer Major updates
4.0 SuperSet.apk SuperSet.exe Android version! PocketPC no longer supported. SuperSetServer supports MySql for score logging
2.1 SuperSet.exe PocketSuperSet.exe SuperSetServer.exe SuperSetServer Major communciation problem solved. Note 2.1 and 2.0 servers and
clients are not interchangeable

The software is heavily under construction. Only the single player mode currently works. Since version 2.0 the SuperSetServer is available. Highscores of single player games are can be sent to the server and for each player the highscore is maintained. Note that versions are not compatible.

Download the exe files and place them somewhere. Create a shortcut to the exe file on your desktop or start menu.


If you have remarks or suggestions, please write them to scubajorgen*at* (replace *at* by @)