U-gotMe is the software I wrote to download and upload tracks, routes and waypoints to the I-gotU series of GPS loggers. It currently supports the GT-800, GT-800Pro, GT-820Pro and GT-900Pro.

10-05-2014: Version 2.1 released. See download section.



U-gotMe Software

The i-gotU GT-800 (pro) The i-gotU GT-800 (pro) is a small GPS logger, hardly bigger…


U-gotMe Downloads

Download Via this page you can download the current and previous versions of the software.…


U-gotMe Internals

Original document : Michael Hofmann Updates : Jorgen van der Velde Internals Debugging First, install…


U-gotMe – The GTs compared for running

The setting For years I’ve been running with the GT-800Pro. I started of with a…


U-gotMe Comparing GTs to other GPSses

03-2017: trueness and precision; new: the TomTom Adventurer The contestants Garmin Edge 810 High-end bicylce…


U-gotMe @Trip and romtools

Introduction This page explains how @trip communicates to the device. @trip is the tool¬†from Mobile…