TomTomWatch is a Java application for downloading content from the TomTom GPS watches. I created it because I do not want to use the TomTom cloud for maintaining my tracks.


The software downloads the track files (ttbin files) from the watch. By default the ttbin files are automatically saved in a similar directory structure as TomTom MySports. It is possible to export the tracks to GPX 1.1 format. Since version 0.2 it is possible to upload track planning (routes) from GPX (route must be present as route <rte> or track <trk>).

I miss the function on the TomTom Watch to log waypoints. A special feature of TomTomWatch is the logging of Waypoints when saving to GPX: when during your workout or trip you pause track logging and resume within 5 seconds (default), the GPX converter treats it as the logging of a Waypoint. If the pause is longer, the GPX converter treats it as the start of a new track segment.



Source is available on GitHub.

Release notes

Version 1.1 (Under Construction)

  • TBD

Version 1.0 

  • Technical functions in debug menu. By default not shown. Enable from properties file.
  • Firmware updating added (UNTESTED!!!)
  • Simulation mode in which the software runs on the downloaded watch data (debug function; enable from properties file)
  • Download watch data for simulation (debug function)
  • Deleting individual files (debug function)
  • Save individual files (debug function)
  • Display of device log and device update log  (debug function)
  • Code improvements
  • Code to GitHub, converted to Maven

Version 0.3 (21-05-2017)

  • Automatic display of last imported track
  • Display route map when selecting GPX file for route upload
  • Distance indication in list of routes on device
  • List of history (tag-value list for the last 10 activities per type; next to history summary)
  • Erasing of all history & route data
  • Route directory added to the configuration file
  • Long routes compressed to max. 500 route points (like original TomTom MySports route planning)
  • Code improvements

Version 0.2 (05-2017)

  • Upload routes from GPX (track planning)
  • Erasing routes
  • List of routes on device (ID and name)
  • Show preference file
  • List files on the device (ID and size)
  • Set Device Name
  • Save file from the watch as binary file to disk
  • List history summary (last 10 activities per type)
  • Improved error handling
  • Activities sorting
  • Upload of ttbin files from disk (for conversion to GPX format)
  • Resolved small bugs

Version 0.1 (05-2017)

  • Show watch name
  • Show watch time (UTC)
  • Download of ttbin files
  • Google maps preview
  • Automatic saving of ttbin files in a similar structure as TomTom Mysports
  • Export to GPX format
  • Erasing the ttbin files from the watch
  • Upload GPS Quickfix data
  • Configuration via file

Known issues

  • Wrong icon, wrong picture: I-GotU iso. TomTom 🙂
  • Serial number of watch cannot be read due to a bug(?) in USB4Java lib
  • Support for Runner/Spark, Adventurer and Multisport, though only the Adventurer has been tested.
  • Watch time is displayed in UTC on the screen


The application is based on the excellent ttwatch application of Ryan Binns.

Libraries used:


I provide the software for free, including source code. The software may contain bugs. It might damage your TomTom GPS Watch. I won’t take responsibility for any damage.